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Glue Dots Stitch pattern is engineered to simulate a continuous line of adhesive. The Stitch pattern features smaller, low profile dots that are spaced 1/8" apart, giving you superior coverage. Stitch is a great alternative to traditional transfer tapes, ideal for any situation that requires continuous adhesive coverage. Glue Dots Stitch pattern is designed for application with the Dot Shot Pro.

Benefits of Stitch:
  • Instant Bonding - Zero Cure Time
  • Clean - No Mess
  • Less Waste
  • No Burns - Cold Bond
If you can't find the diameter or thickness you need in the products below, Glue Dots' custom industrial pressure sensitive adhesive patterns could be the solution for you.

Because the strength of the bond is substrate dependent, Glue Dots' team of knowledgeable account specialists and engineers are available to help you determine the right product for your application and provide product samples for testing.

Please call 888.688.7131 or Contact Us for more information.

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DSP31-201 N/A 1/4 in. Stitch N/A High N/A Semi-Permanent N/A Low
DSP41-201 N/A 1/4 in. Stitch N/A Super High N/A Permanent N/A Low
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