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but at heart you love crafts. Your family and friends turn to you when they need advice on their latest creative project because they know where your true passion lies. You’re asked to help decorate at every wedding and birthday because of your natural design savvy.
Maybe you create delightful scrapbooks for your children or grandchildren that will become treasured family heirlooms. Even with delicate items like flower petals and ticket stubs, you want to ensure they are built to last.

Perhaps it is the one-of-a-kind wreaths you make with such craftsmanship that they rival the best florist in town. You know how to select and arrange everything carefully, and you need to know that everything will stay put.

Or maybe you’re a professional multi-media artist. You’ve graduated from county fairs to a boutique on Main Street. Everything you make must reflect the quality that carried you this far. You have to be able to get the supplies you need, when you need them.

This list of hypotheticals could go on and on. Maybe you are the gift basket guru, the candle-making queen, or the boss of balloon décor.


  • Acid free
  • Photo safe
  • Non-toxic
  • Kid-friendly
  • Mess free
  • Instantly bonding
  • Portable


Glue Dots Rolls are as versatile as you are. Roll them onto your project or simply tear off and use what you need.


  • Mini Glue Dot Rolls are perfect for the little things, including scrapbooking, card-making, or any project with small embellishments, such as rhinestones, beads, or buttons.
  • Craft Glue Dot Rolls offer dependable, permanent adhesives for wood, metal, thick cardstock, and dense handmade papers.
  • Micro Glue Dot Rolls are perfect for fine details – such as rhinestones, beads, or sequins – without messy glue overflow.
  • Ultra-Thin Glue Dot Rolls allow photos or other paper items to lay absolutely flat. Layer without bulk.
  • Pop-Up Glue Dot Rolls are extra thick. Create dramatic 3D effects and spaces, or bridge gaps. Easier to use than traditional pressure-sensitive adhesives such as foam tape.
  • Removable Glue Dot Rolls are great temporary adhesive solutions, offering strength when needed with easy removal later.
  • Glue Lines™ Glue Dot Rolls are perfect for clean borders and for adding ribbons and textiles to your project.
  • All Purpose Glue Dot Rolls are our heartiest Glue Dots formula and work with both porous or smooth surfaces.



  • Dot N Go®


    Busy, on the go crafters really appreciate the advantages of the Dot N Go, including:
    • Ease-of-use

      Easily fitting in the palm of your hand, this dispenser allows you to roll out exactly what you need, when you need it.

    • Easy storage

      The Dot N Go® dispenser fits in your purse, pocket, or wherever you store your craft supplies, protecting the Glue Dots from getting dirty.


    • Craft Dot N Go®

      is great for thousands of different permanent craft and hobby projects.

    • Removable Dot N Go®

      the go-to for thousands of removable craft and hobby projects.

    • Permanent Dot N Go®

      blue tinted for easy placement.

    • Mini Dot N Go®

      is perfect for small decorations like beads and sequins.

    • Glue Squares Dot N Go®

      offer maximum strength in permanent and removable varieties.

    • Ultra-Thin Dot N Go®

      offer the perfect adhesive solution for photographs or any other application where you do not want to add dimensionality by layering items.

    • All Purpose Dot N Go®

      the go-to adhesive for mixed media projects.

  • GlueTape™


    GlueTape™ portably and conveniently dispenses double-sided tape, making your projects fast and easy. Do you need perfect lines for cards, scrapbooking, paper crafts, or other lightweight projects? Glue tape gives you the solution you need, without the problems caused by other straight-line adhesive solutions.

    No more wrinkles caused by heavy lines of glue, and no more struggles trying to remove double-sided tape backing. Simply roll out what you need and gently press objects into place, letting the GlueTape do its job.


    Premium GlueTape
    • 3/8in x 39ft
    • Available in permanent and removable
    • Pre-scored for precise tear
    • 1/3in x 72ft
    • Available in permanent and removable
  • Glue Dots Sheets


    Do you like always having what you need on hand? Glue Dots Sheets fit neatly into drawers, bins, or folders. Double-lined sheets and resealable pouches protect the Glue Dots until you are ready to use them.

    With their clear liner, precision is possible every time. You control the glue, so crafting is fast and easy. Like many Glue Dots products, Glue Dots sheets come in a variety of sizes and strengths, for every need.


    • Mini Glue Dots

      perfect for small decorations.

    • Ultra-Thin Glue Dots

      smooth layering for scrapbooking and other paper applications.

    • XL Glue Dots

      extra coverage for your large projects.

    • Candle Glue Dots

      created for candle making, hot-wax ready to secure wick tabs.

    • Advanced Strength Glue Dots

      perfect pressure-sensitive adhesives for multi-surface projects.

  • Value Packs


    Glue Dots Sheets are also available in Value Packs. Always have what you need, with plenty leftover to share with friends!


    • Removable Glue Dots

      offer a secure hold while you need it and no messy removal when you’re done.

    • Mini Glue Dots

      are perfect for small decorative touches, such as sequins, beads and more.

    • Ultra-Thin Glue Dots

      are ideal for thin, smooth layering, and just right for photos or other paper applications—with no added bulk.

    • Craft Glue Dots

      ensure your creations stay just as you make them. Great for permanent projects and thousands of craft and hobby uses.

    • Permanent Glue Dots

      guarantee a secure hold and have thousands of permanent uses. These dots feature a blue tint that lets you apply confidently, for exact placement.

    • Poster Glue Dots

      are ideal for hanging lightweight, larger items. Easily hang posters, charts, and photos on a variety of surfaces, including walls, lockers, windows, and more—without staining.

  • Specialty Glue Dots


    Some craft applications require very specific adhesive solutions. Glue Dots is proud to offer products especially for:


    Perfectly and securely position gift basket components. This product is safe for indirect food contact and requires no special equipment. Available strengths include super high tack, which is extra strong and ideal for heavier materials such as glass and metal. We also offer high tack, which is strong, but generally won’t tear paper, depending on the surface. High tack is suitable for use with chipboards and other lightweight or paper items.
    Position items as needed with three different thicknesses:
    • Low profile

      is perfect for flat surfaces like tins and boxes.

    • Medium profile

      is ideal for bottles, canisters, and other irregular shaped items in combination with flat-surfaced items.

    • High profile

      is extra-cushiony, to fill in recessed areas, or to bridge/create gaps between items.


    This super strong, double-sided adhesive is specially formulated to hold wick tabs in place while wax hardens. Glue Dots are faster, safer, and cleaner to use than hot glue guns, without the risk of burning or the need for a power source.


    This double-sided adhesive – formulated especially for use with latex – bonds instantly to balloons, without the mess of rubber cement or the heat risks posed by glue guns.


If you want Glue Dots within arm’s reach at all times while you work, the handy Glue Dots Desktop Dispenser is for you. At home on your craft table or desk, it is compatible with any Glue Dots roll, protecting and storing dots until you need them. Dots are easy to tear off with the serrated edge.

Our Mini Glue Dot Dispenser may be used with any Glue Dots Roll. One roll of Mini Glue Dots is included, perfect for small decorations.

Our Regular Glue Dot Dispenser may be used with any Glue Dots Roll; no roll included.


At Glue Dots, we want to be on your craft supplies list. We offer a wide range of adhesive solutions, ensuring that you can find a suitable solution for whatever kind of crafts you’re into. We are confident that we can help you with a superior product at lesser cost than competitive items.

Browse our product catalog to find the right adhesive solution for your project and order what you need, from one of your favorite retailers or distributors.


ALSO, check out our Bulk & Education section to find out where education professionals can get Glue Dots at a premium discount.

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