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But smart teachers everywhere understand that it is still important to create a welcoming and engaging atmosphere for learning—an atmosphere that embraces creativity and inspires students.
How do you do it? What are your favorite seasonal bulletin board ideas? What about topical posters that really get the point across? Does your classroom have directional signs to keep students on track, such as “Quiet Zone” or “Return Folders Here?” Do you proudly display students’ work?

If you do any of these things, then you probably have a veritable arsenal of tools and supplies to get the job done. Some are less than ideal: Masking tape doesn’t always hold, duct tape leaves residue, nails damage walls. Some may even pose hazards: Tacks or staples can end up on the floor, hot glue can burn little fingers, sticky tack is often indistinguishable from discarded chewing gun, and the list goes on.

Glue Dots offers a better, safer, more organized way to design your optimal classroom. Our complete line of adhesive solutions are:

  • Acid-free
  • Photo safe
  • Non-toxic
  • Kid-friendly
  • Mess-free
  • Instantly bonding
  • Portable



  • Acid-free
  • Kid-friendly
  • Instantly bonding
  • Photo safe
  • Mess-free
  • Portable
  • Non-toxic


Whether it is collages for art, a shoebox diorama for social studies, a leaf collection for science, or any of the dozens of other possible projects that can arise for almost any subject, there are times when it comes down to you, your students, and some glue.

Does this sound familiar? You hurry from one desk to the next, trying to dispense the right amount of glue for each child. Somebody gets glue in their hair, on their pants, or both. Projects must be handled carefully, because the glue takes forever to dry. Or, maybe you avoided most of that with glue sticks. But, it’s mid-year. Half the glue sticks are dried up and the other half are empty.

There is a better way. Glue Dots are a clean, safe alternative to liquid glues and glue sticks. Let your students’ creativity spill over, not their glue! Perfect for tearing and sharing, Glue Dots allow teachers to dispense the exact amount of glue needed for each student project.

With our pressure-sensitive adhesives, just press and stick. Glue Dots adhere instantly, making projects fast, minimizing wasted time spent on handling and organizing wet class work for drying.

Glue Dots won’t dry out or crack over time, allowing you or your students’ parents to display projects for years to come.


Glue Dots aren’t just great adhesive solutions, they are great for your classroom budget too—whether that budget comes from the school district or out of your own pocket. Want to get the most for your dollar when purchasing craft supplies for the classroom? Glue Dots can help you stretch your dollar to the limit.

  • Glue Dots don’t spill or dry out. You can use all of what you buy.
  • We offer bulk and value packs to help you save more. After all, you aren’t just buying for one, you are buying for a whole class.
  • Easy dispensing. Eliminate waste by dispensing only what’s needed for each student, each time.


We know classroom budgets are tight, and we do our best to keep our prices low. For even greater savings, however, search for Glue Dots at your favorite retailers that offer teacher discounts to help save even more money on your craft supply needs.


At Glue Dots, we know we can help you with a superior craft adhesive product at a significantly lesser cost than competitive solutions. We understand and respect that teachers operate on limited budgets, often even paying for supplies out of their own pocket to make sure their students have the supplies they need for a quality education.

  • Dot N Go® for the Classroom


    • Easy storage

      The Dot N Go® dispenser fits in your purse or your travel bag, protecting the Glue Dots from getting dirty.

    • Ease-of-use

      Easily fitting in the palm of the hand, the Dot N’ Go® allows you to roll out exactly what you need, when you need it.


    • Permanent Dot N Go® is great for hundreds of types of student projects. Permanent Dots are cleaner and faster than traditional glue and glue sticks, and you can dispense the exact amount needed for each project.
    • Removable Dot N Go® is perfect for displaying student work or classroom decorations. When it’s time for everything to come down, Removable Glue Dots remove easily without stains, residues, or pulling paint off the wall.
    • Poster Dot N Go® securely hangs posters, charts, and photos to walls, whiteboards, lockers, and more without staining or damaging surfaces. Putties or tapes can’t compare to the gentle staying power of Poster Dots.

  • Glue Dots Perforated Sheets


    • Glue Dots Sheets fit neatly into drawers, bins, or folders. Double-lined sheets and resealable pouches protect the Glue Dots until you are ready to use them.
    • With their clear liner, precise placement is possible every time. Projects are fast and easy.


    • Permanent Glue Dots are perfect for any project that you and your students want to create and keep, without mess or waste.
    • Removable Glue Dots are perfect for classroom displays and feature easy use and removal. Removable Dots are also stain and residue free, ensuring that your classroom walls stay clean and presentable.
    • Poster Glue Dots secure larger posters, charts, and photos to most surfaces without damage to paint or walls.
  • Glue Dots Dollar Packs
    Glue Dots Dollar Packs are a budget-wise choice for purchasing our popular Glue Dots Sheets. Dollar Packs are great for short or small projects, such as classroom decorating, hanging posters, or motivational pieces.

    We are aware how tight classroom budgets can be, and don’t expect you to make huge investments without trying our product. Dollar Packs are a fantastic way to try Glue Dots for the first time!
  • Glue Dots Value Packs & Bulk Rolls
    Want to be ready for the whole school year? Need to make sure you have enough for extra projects, extra students, or anything else that comes up in your busy classroom? Glue Dots Value Packs and Bulk Rolls are a great way to always have what you need on hand and save money too.

    • The Glue Dots Permanent Dots™ 2500 Count Bulk Roll is perfect for classrooms and large group projects. The double liner protects the adhesive and the perforated roll makes “tearing and sharing” easy—a bonus for younger students who are learning the importance of sharing. The bulk roll comes in both Permanent and Removable adhesive strengths, with ½-inch Glue Dots.
    • Our Glue Dots Value Pack is a great way to stock up on Glue Dots Sheets. Comes in permanent and removable with ½-inch Glue Dots.
  • Glue Dots Project Pack
    For the busy teacher who does everything from classroom setup, to projects, to balancing a supplies budget, Glue Dots Project Pack offers an all-in-one solution.

    Enjoy the portability, safety, and convenience of Dot N Go® with a variety of permanent and removable formulas for calendars, banners, student art, or any other classroom adhesive need. Dot N Go® fits easily in your workbag and is ready whenever and wherever you are.

    Glue Dots Dot N Go® Project Pack includes:
    • Removable Dots™ Dot N Go®
    • Poster Dots™ Dot N Go®
    • Permanent Dots™ Dot N Go®


ALSO, check out our Bulk & Education section to find out where education professionals can get Glue Dots at a premium discount.

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