• Dot Shot Pro


    Glue Dots handheld adhesive applicators and dispensers are engineered to increase your productivity in a wide range of applications. The Dot Shot® Pro offers maximum productivity, ideal for higher volume applications. When you need simple, fast and easy, the Dot N' Go disposable pocket-sized dispenser is your answer.

  • Auto Dot Pro


    Glue Dots bench-top applicators are easy-to-use and designed to increase your productivity in a wide range of applications. The EconoDot combines simplicity with affordability in a bench-top dispenser. Designed for both short and long-term projects, the EconoDot makes Glue Dots adhesive pattern application quick, easy and cost effective. Engineered for maximum flexibility the Auto Dot® Pro will adapt to your needs, featuring live adjustments to unit orientation and pattern advancement.

  • SD-90041_M



    Designed for both continuous or intermittent applications, the SD-900 seamlessly integrates into existing production lines. The SD-900 applies Glue Dots’® double-sided adhesives quickly, cleanly and accurately while reducing operating and maintenance costs and increasing safety.


    • Up to 90 feet per minute product speed
    • Feed rate of up to 300 applications per minute
    • Accuracy of dot placement: +/- 3/32”
    • Accommodates up to 8,000-count rolls
    • Adjustable dot application via rotary switch

    Video Trial Program

    Our SD-900 Video Trial Program offers a free evaluation of your current automation process. Glue Dots will evaluate your manufacturing equipment, materials and applications involved and deliver a comprehensive report that gives you a realistic evaluation of the SD-900, without committing valuable engineering time or financial investment. Aside from the cost of providing products for testing, this service is free to our customers. For more information or to contact a Glue Dots representative about the video trial program, click here.

    All products listed below are stocked and ships within 24-48 hours, volume dependent.

    Because the strength of the bond is substrate dependent, Glue Dots' team of knowledgeable account specialists and engineers are available to help you determine the right product for your application and provide product samples for testing.

    Please call 888.688.7131 or Contact Us for more information.

    See the SD-900 in action below.